What Is A Post In Basketball

What Is A Post In Basketball: Benefits, Types, Tips And How To

A post is a move where a player goes directly from his/her baseline to the basket without passing or dribbling. This type of play is often seen in pick-up games. If you want to learn more about what is a post in basketball then keep reading.

There are two types of posts: offensive and defensive. Offensive posts involve going straight toward the basket, whereas defensive ones take place away from the basket. The difference between these two moves is important because they determine whether a team wins or loses points.

Here are some things to consider before deciding on a strategy for your next game.

What is the post in basketball?

The post is a position where a player stands behind the basket after receiving the ball from the playmaker. In other words, the post is a spot where players wait before they shoot or pass the ball.

A team usually has two posts. One post is responsible for defending against the opposing team’s guards, while the other post defends against the opposing team’s big men. The post also plays an important role in offense by passing and shooting the ball.

Posting up is a strategy used to beat your opponent’s defense. It involves having one of your players stand near the basket with his back turned toward the defender. This allows him to receive passes from teammates who are further away from the basket.

A post can be effective if it forces the defender to leave his man open. If you have a strong enough post player, he will draw the attention of the defenders so that your teammates can get open shots.

What does “post” mean in basketball?

In basketball, a post is a position where the player stands behind the basket (the goal) after receiving the ball from a teammate. A post is often used to create space for a shot attempt.

In general, a post is a place where a player waits before shooting or passing the ball.

Types Of Post In Basketball

There are mainly three types of post in basketball.

  1. Low Post
  2. Mid Range Post
  3. High Post

What Is the Low Post in Basketball?

The low post is a position where players stand behind the free throw line. They use their bodies to block out the lane and prevent opponents from getting past them.

The low post is considered the most difficult position to defend because there is no easy way to guard someone standing behind the free throw line, especially when the player is taller than 6 feet tall.

How To Play Defense Against The Low Post

The low post is the most dangerous position for a center because he can easily score inside the paint. However, centers must learn how to protect themselves from being attacked by smaller players.

To avoid this problem, centers should focus on blocking out the lanes. When playing defense against the low post, centers should always keep their eyes on the ball handler.

This will help them know what direction the ball is headed. Centers should also make sure that they don’t allow the ball handler to drive into the middle of the lane. If the ball handler drives into the middle of the court, the center should step aside and let the ball go through the lane.

When guarding the low post, centers need to stay close to their own baseline. This helps them to recover quickly if the ball goes out of bounds. While guarding the low post, the center needs to watch out for any quick cuts made by the ball handler. These cuts could lead to fast breaks.

What Is A Post In Basketball

What Is The Mid Range Post in Basketball?

Mid range post is a position where one of the players stands behind the free-throw line and receives the ball from the playmaker.

Mid-range post is not as dangerous as the low post because the player doesn’t have much room to maneuver around. However, mid-range post is still very useful because it gives the player more options when making decisions about where to pass the ball.

What Does The Mid Range Post Mean In Basketball?

Mid-range means between the high post and the low post. Mid-range post is generally used by point guards and small forwards.

What Is The High Post in Basketball?

A high post is a position where a player stands above the free-throw line. He uses his body to block out the lane. The high post is usually used by power forwards and centers. Because the player has more room to move around, he can shoot jumpers with ease.

What Does The High Post Mean In Basketball?

A high post is a position where you are higher up than a low post. It’s a great position for scoring because the player has plenty of room to get shots off.

What is the difference between a post and a center?

A point guard is the leader of a basketball team. He directs the team’s offense and defense. He makes most of the decisions during games.

A shooting guard is a player who shoots the ball well but doesn’t score many points. They are usually smaller than centers. Shooting guards are usually very quick and agile.

A small forward is a player who scores more points than shooting guards. Centers are usually taller than shooting guards. Small forwards usually don’t dribble much.

How To Post In Basketball

To post in basketball, you need to know how to use your body to block out the opponents’ best shooters. You should focus on blocking their field goal attempts.

When you’re posting, you want to make sure that you keep your head up. Your eyes should always be looking at the basket. When you’re posting, you must be aware of what’s happening around you.

You should also try to stay low when you’re posting. Try not to jump too high when you’re posting. Instead, crouch down as low as possible.

You should also try to move laterally. When you’re posting in basketball, you should move laterally instead of moving vertically.

If you’re posting, you should try to move toward the middle of the lane. This way, you’ll be able to avoid getting hit by the opponents’ defenders.

When you’re trying to post, you should focus on making contact with the ball. You shouldn’t just throw the ball at the basket. Instead, you should aim for the rim.

When you’re playing basketball, you should try to make contact with the ball whenever you pass it. You should also try to pass the ball quickly. 

Why do they call it the post in basketball?

The reason why people call it the post in sports is because the players stand inside the paint. A post is a player who stands inside the paint.

What Are Some Good Plays For The High Post?

  1. Pass to the open man: If your team is inbounding the ball, you want to find an open man who can take advantage of the situation.
  2. Get fouled: If your team is defending the other team, you want to foul the opposing player so that he cannot score.
  3. Take the shot: If your team is shooting the ball, you want your teammate to be open so that he can receive the pass.
  4. Screen: You can use screens to draw defenders away from the basket.
  5. Cut backdoor: A cutback is a move where the defender tries to cut back toward the basket after receiving the pass.
  6. Drive: If you’re driving to the basket, you want to see if there is anyone open near the rim.
  7. Fake the screen: If you’re faking a screen, you want to see how many defenders are coming at you.
  8. Turnover: If you turn over the ball, you want someone else to get it.
  9. Steal: If you steal the ball, you want the other team to give it up.
  10. Layup: If you layup, you want to see whether or not there is enough space for you to dunk.
  11. Dunk: If you dunk, you want to see which teammates are open.
  12. 3-point shot: If you make a three-pointer, you want to see what kind of defense the opponent is playing.
  13. Free throws: If you make a free throw, you want to see where the ball went in order to determine whether or not you missed the shot.
  14. Offensive rebound: If you get an offensive rebound, you want to see who was open on the floor.
  15. Defensive rebound: If you get a defensive rebound, you want to know who was open on the court.
  16. Block: If you block a shot, you want to see the outcome of the game.
  17. Assist: If you assist, you want to know whether or not you were successful.
  18. Charge: If you charge, you want to see whose hand is on the ball.
  19. Pick & roll: If you pick & roll, you want to see whom you should pass to.
  20. Pindown: If you pindown, you want to see your teammate’s positioning.
  21. Reverse pivot: If you reverse pivot, you want to see when you should go back to the original spot.
  22. Transition: If you transition, you want to see a play that will lead to a fast break.
  23. Fast break: If you have a fast break, you want to see any plays that could lead to a fast break opportunity.
  24. Halfcourt set: If you have a halfcourt set, you want to see all the players involved in the play.
  25. Set shot: If you have a set shot, you want to know if you made the right choice.
  26. Inbounds: If you have an inbounds play, you want to know where the ball goes.
  27. Outbounds: If you are outbound, you want to know what happens next.
  28. Play action: If you play action, you want to know which way the ball will go.
  29.  Shot clock violation: If you shoot a clock violation, you want to know why you did it.


In conclusion, the post in basketball is the last thing you touch before shooting the ball. This means that if you miss the shot, you have to go back and re-adjust your position because you didn’t leave enough room for error. But when you shoot well, you should always feel like you left enough space between you and the rim. And that’s exactly where you want to be after you release the ball.

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